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According to a famous Persian poet Firdaus

"Gar Firdaus Bar mein Zameen Ast, Hamin Ast Hamin Ast"
"it means that if there is paradise on earth, this is it, this is it and this is it"

Most of the Kings and Spiritual Personalities who marched/travelled towards this blessed land, called it "Heaven on Earth" Even some made it, thier permanent abode ordesired to breath their last in this blessed land. Some of the historians (Indologists), Orientalists have also reprted that at every step, valley Kashmir has treasure(s) of spiritual personalities and physical artifacts, yet to be explored or unfolded. This is virtually confirmed when one moves from Martand (south) to Ushkar (north) from Bandipora-Bethpora (east) to Charisharief (west). 

Between 1918-22 an A'lim (religious scholar) from outside the state visited Srinagar and desired to have"Kashf-e-qaboor" of mazars (graveyard) lpcated within city. Then late khwaja Mohammad Amin Qureshi and his cousin khwaja nasr-ud-din Qari sahib respectively were directed by their elders to accpmpany the A'lim. The inquistive mission was started from the site of ziyarat of Dastagir sahib and moved to Malkha and other surrounding ziyarats and culminated the visit at theziyarat of Mirza Akmal-ud-din sahib. Later on when requested torelate/expresshis valuable opnion/observation about the visit, he (A'lim) reluctantly informed, "that price(s) (spiritual) were seen underneath the dusty plain ground, having no epith or tomb above, while as at places decorated tombs abdvaccum as well." This vindicates the truth that Valley Kashmir is the abode of awliya (saints/freinds of Allah) other wise down in the historyinKashmiri language as "PeerVaer/Resh Vaer."

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We are pleased to introduce Travel Bureau as one of the reputed Travel Management and Catering Company in Jammu and Kashmir, "for the choices of the chosen one's" We bare a reputation of top quality Travel consultancy and uniqueness in holiday management services.

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Our company has attained incredible fame and goodwill in different states of India in a very short period of time, a team of professionals having vast experience in Travel trade, our business is Inbound Domestic Tourism. Travel Bureau Never settled for one thing but kept on emphasizing the need for personalized service with greatest care. We offer highly Educated Guides/Escorts. Our immaculately dressed representatives always receive the clientele at Air/Bus/Rail Terminals with bouquet of Flowers and withwarm welcome.



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